POS solution from Visionsoft specifically tailored to meet the requirements of retail businesses.iRetail

Ace the pace of the fast-growing retail business with a reliable POS that is intuitive and tailored to fit all your needs perfectly.

Product Features

Helps businesses calculate the profits made on each order thereby helping to promote offers and win more orders.Automatic profit calculation

Find out how much profit you are making on an order and based on it take decisions like offering enticing deals to your customers or some cash back. A brilliant way to win more smiles and customers!

iRetail allows retail businesses to customise and configure different kinds of prices based on requirements.Configure prices as per your need

Whether you are dealing with a supplier or a customer, our system allows you to customize and configure different kinds of prices (Main price, wholesale price, cash price, and special customer price) based on your requirements.

Manage store inventory with iRetail, the system sends notifications when the stocks are low.Manage your stock efficiently

Managing your store's inventory can be quite tedious. iRetail notifies you when the stocks are low and assists you in ordering a fresh batch so that nothing comes in the way of your growth.

iRetail offers historical data on customers and suppliers such as invoices, payments and balance stats.Make informed decisions

Get access to your customers and suppliers history on our system with less than two clicks. iRetail shows you all the invoices, payments and balances, including the ones that are outstanding.

iRetail's user-friendly architecture makes it easy for businesses to catalogue and add new products with ease.Save time and effort

Cataloguing and adding a new product to your system can be quite a hassle. The iRetail's user-friendly architecture makes this process simple and easy.

Round the clock support from customer friendly staff with high-end technical background and subject knowledge.We always have your back

Get unmatched assistance from our support team. We have friendly staff with good experience in support and retail. Any questions? Give us a shout.